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 Agains Prescription drugs in Sport Essay

The topic I am going to discuss today is Drugs in Sport. My own contention is that drugs really should not be made legal in sporting activities.

Drugs in sport can be an issue that is always in the spotlight, especially during significant athletic incidents such as the latest and very controversial, Travel De England. However , at this point the issue has risen to this kind of extent that sport itself is almost a side issue.

There have been numerous drug breasts over the years as increasing numbers of athletes succumb to the enticement of an convenient win through the use of steroids and various other performance-enhancing drugs. The frustration of continuously shedding and the anger of finding that a drug-using athlete had been banned, only to return and defraud again, makes those who tend not to use illegal drugs wonder about the trustworthiness of the sport.

There are also cases, where even though the athlete was restricted, they did certainly not appear to suffer financially. It was proved regarding Ben Meeks, who was banned in 1988 intended for illegal medication use but still had enough money to acquire a fleet of sports automobiles.

Athletes would then ask themselves, 'What is definitely the point in competing if the rival athletes are able to use illegal medications and often avoid the consequences? ' This was proved in the new Tour De France, in which the Festina staff was expelled for medicine use. Nevertheless soon after that, a member from the Festina crew was decided to

All performance-enhancing drugs incorporate some side effects. Many are potentially perilous, while others might cause heart or perhaps liver concerns. When athletes take these types of drugs, they generally do not know the total amount that they can have 'safely', and as a result, many pass away from overdose. This was proved when bicyclist Linton, perished as a result of trimethyl overdose in 1886. Offer modern examples.

There are just two approaches to controlling or stopping against the law drug use; the first is to increase drug screening to cover each performance-enhancing medication; and the different is to make all performance-enhancing drugs legal. The 1st...