Examination 1

 Assessment 1 Essay

п»їBCO6615 Strategic Make use of ERP Devices

Semester 1, 2014

Task 2: Short paper.

Particular date due week 6: 5/4/2014 (midnight)

Readily available marks: thirty-five (Individual assignment)

The essay ought to be approximately 2000 words. Use 1 . 5 spacing which has a 12 stage Times Fresh Roman typeface. Though your paper will largely become based on the lecture material, you should talk to appropriate recommendations from the catalogue and other appropriate sources. Quotation of options is obligatory and must be in the Harvard style.

The short conventional paper contributes approximately 35% of the overall examination in this unit. There is a great expectation which the tasks connected with this assignment will reveal a expertly written paper.


Many businesses in the western world have been completely using ERP systems for any considerable amount of time and could be regarded established and mature users of these devices. It has been advised that since companies include adopted ERP systems, it will be difficult so they can achieve a competitive advantage through differentiation because of the following elements: Similar standard business operations

Similar technology, such as SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS, supporting these kinds of processes.

Talk about how companies can achieve competitive differentiation using their ERP program for the above mentioned scenario. Make use of case research to support your arguments.

Your article must include:

Assignment Cover Page: Utilize cover sheet provided.

Paper's title page: Include the Job Title, Pupil Name & Number, Date & Unit name/code.

Launch: Introduces the topic. States clearly purpose of the paper and a brief information of the paper's structure.

Body system: Discuss, compare and/or compare different points of views, present quarrels supporting the goal of the newspaper.

Conclusion: Sum up the salient points you have made in the body in the paper. These types of should meet your stated purpose.

References/BibliographyMust be steady in Harvard style.

The footer must include your name, college student ID, and...