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Spoiler Warning This kind of SS takes place after the bottom line of the Alicization arc, that may not become completed right up until around volume 15.

There exists but 1 ultimate way

Sword Fine art Online: Gaiden X2 May possibly 2010

Extreme care

This brief story model contains information that has not yet been published in Dengeki Bunko [Sword Art Online]. Be careful of spoilers. This kind of day's celebration was completed in the predawn between two and your five a. m (laughs). The contents happen to be... as always, Kirito-shi and as always, Asuna-san and as always, Lyfa-san and as often Lizbeth-san so that as always Scilica-san and as constantly Sinon-san and as always Yui-san and as constantly Alice-san. Very well, Alice is definitely not always...... With this SAO work, the heroines kept elevating as the storyplot progressed, nevertheless the structure with the story failed to let protagonist Kirito-shi to generate a clear response, if I attempted to find a conclusion to the circumstance, it'd just be in this contact form. Was what I thought as I wrote this kind of short story. This time too, as I re-read the script...... I felt it was bad in various methods. But , very well, I cannot stop convinced that it was, in a way, the meaning from the SAO series (laugh). The internet version гЂЋAlicization ArcгЂЏ released В«Subjective period accelerationВ», and that idea was later found in the гЂЋAccelerated WorldгЂЏ series. The protagonist Haruyuki-kun is additionally surrounded by progressively more girls, although Kirito-shi includes a different character, in different circumstances and takes in different results. I look ahead to continuing this course in the future.

ソードアート・オンライン – Blade Art On-line 外伝 Gaiden X2: たったひとつの究極的なやりたか– There is yet one Greatest Way

?nternet site woke up in the bed, the gentle sunlight shone in through the white lace draperies at the windowpane. This on its own is a very ordinary scene without the problems or drastic changes. Just as I was ready to continue my deep sleep, my eyes that were gonna be closed suddenly exposed like a growth. ―――― Hold on... Hold on one minute! This... this... this is as well weird. Firstly, this foundation is abnormally large and soft. We ―― Kirigaya Kazuto should certainly only be by using a foam stuffed single foundation in my room. But now, my personal back felt like it was layered by the greatest grade of soft feathers. Even as I moved my own left hand, That did not feel the wall structure that should can be found. What protected me was not my common fluffy quilt, but an easy and gentle silk 1. Also, the ceiling was inexplicably excessive, and I experienced no idea in the event the decorations were of the western style or perhaps Japanese design. In addition to that, a beautiful classical chandelier hung there in place of LED lights. Finally, coming in in the gaps of the window included in heavy draperies at the different side with the room ―― It was thus large, could be it was a twin window ―― was your light in the winter sunshine at a minimal angle. Just isn't this the midst of summer? At the conclusion of September, the summer vacation trips will just end in some days, thus i was filled up with anxiety and despair, giving up, when I faced the facts: simply yesterday morning hours, I had to withstand being scorched by the violent sun, My spouse and i recalled pushing myself to climb out of bed in that condition. Yet , at this moment, I had been in this different luxurious space, and it had been incredibly chilly, such that basically was not very well covered by the blanket, I probably more than likely stand the cold. Regardless of how I looked at it, this is winter, a winter morning... what that is known is this... At this time, I finally remembered. Recently morning, We woke up in the midst of the heat, drowsily brushed my personal teeth and changed my personal clothes. When considering undertaking my summer season homework, and reluctantly approaching the table, I received a phone call from the person who was the one responsible for the RATH advancement department ―― Higa, as well as the content was an official affirmation. The blockade in UW had a few problems, and he wanted me to help solve the condition. Thus, in that ridiculously hot working day, complaints left my oral cavity. However my own heart was lively enough, as I had taken my cycle straight to RATH's branch...

References: 1 . ↑ Kataomoi means unrequited love.

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