Publication of Jonah

 Book of Jonah Essay

Publication of Jonah

Albert Younas

Basic Hebrew HB1

Ptr. Billy

March 5, 2011

For many people in the past generation the book of Jonah is literary and historical consideration. They said that Jonah lived during the reign of Jeroboam II. A few scholars obtain that simply no evidence is definitely been located outside the holy book that Nineveh went through this kind of a religious conversion. The publication is name after the primary character in the book Jonah which means " DOVE” motivated from the old Hebrew. Scholars agree on particular things about the book, nevertheless they have sketched quite different results in handling the following inquiries:


The Date

Setting / Themes

Crucial verses as well as literary design

Authorship/Date: Driven through the principal figure Jonah boy of Armatti; no immediate claim of authorship can be connected to Jonah himself but it really refers to one third person. Jonah was from Nazareth who lived about 793-758 BC. Some would say publication itself will not refer or say everything with the author although tradition has attributed to the prophet him self as the author. Some writer had declared that it has various similarities together with the narrative of Prophets Elijah and Elisha; however it will come from the same writer. Jonah preached through the reign of King Jeroboam II when many significant events happened in the northern kingdom of Israel (800-750 BC). In line with the Cooper Abrams Jonah was a prophet of God during the period divided kingdom. Cooper didn't declare much regarding the authorship of the publication but the time he stated is 760 BC. Following reading all these thoughts of different scholar of their time I i am not sure just how is can be said that the written by Jonah himself but lets select the tradition and believe the authorship of the publication to the telepathist himself. The setting or interpretation in the book is viewed as historical which happened in ancient Israel in eighth or 7th century. The standard view is the fact; the publication is historical, biographical narratives, some ideas range from fictional short...