Cause and Impact

 Cause and Effect Essay

Hamel Yousefi

The english language 3

November 19, 2012

Cause and Effects of the American Innovation

A Revolution is an alteration, turmoil, or a enhancements made on Government. This usually takes place when Citizens of a certain place don't discover eye to eye with their government and be more and more discouraged with the decisions being made. The American Trend occurred via April 18, 1775 until the treaty was ratified in January 14, 1784. The Parties at war were called the loyalists who were led by the King of England, plus the Patriots who were led simply by George Buenos aires. Many situations led to the beginning if the Innovative War, for example the Stamp work, Townshend act, the Boston massacre, and the Boston tea party which in turn ultimately led to freedom of the Patriots as well as the creation states of America. The United States of America will not be right here today whether it were not intended for the many causes to the American Revolution. One particular main cause was the 1765 Stamp act. The Seal of approval Act pressured colonists to pay a tax (in the form of your stamp) in printed files, various permits, and other merchandise. Colonists rebelled and terrorized British duty collectors. В Another act that triggered the start of the revolutionary warfare was the Townshend act of 1767. The Townshend Work of 1767 authorized Legislative house to concern taxes on products that have been in high demand just like glass, lead, paint, newspaper and tea. British military had to be brought into Boston to prevent an violent uprising. В Unfortunately they failed to prevent a riot which triggered one of the biggest factors that started the Revolutionary warfare; the Boston Massacre. Anxiety over the occurrence of British troops in Boston resulted in the Boston Massacre; the first episode which usually resulted in loosing life. 4 Bostonians were killed once Redcoats fired into a great angry mafia. These incidents were the main causes of the best battle in American record; the American Revolution. The consequences of the American Revolution were very wonderful. Not only did a new country form (United States...