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To your energetic, humble, and beautiful instructor ma'am Janilette Cortez, Ma'am! To my own fellow schoolmates, friends, women, and man a pleasant time to all people. Today allow me to share with you the essence of education.

There are various connotations regarding education. Other folks say that is it doesn't matter of acknowledgement; others presumed that it is the way of prosperity; continue to others says education is what makes a mam to be emulated by other folks; and still others signified that education is usually reaching one's ambition.

Whatsoever is the meaning of education, the most important is that ignorance can be away from it. It is a tool for monetary survival, a bridge to be aware of and understand the strengths and weaknesses of one's ideas, views, and expertise. It is also a road to success and a pathway to light is shimmering our destiny.

Education is what makes a mam – a male of pride, respect, and accepting about one's fault, if it is pertaining to the benefit of the facts. It is what we acquire in the environment we could in, and from the relatives where we came from. It is what we possess – thinking, actions, and words enunciated by all of us. It is the " arrow” which pointed out what kind of a person we are, having an education we acquired the other day, today, and still tomorrow. Is it doesn't reality to be a man, externally and internally.

Education is usually nonsense in case the person having it, is usually immature himself to say nearly anything which is not regarding what he feels. To what he sees, and to what he thinks. It is nothing at all, if certainly not used in obedience with ethics, morals, and inhuman enough to a person's subordinates, good friends, acquaintances, plus the environment as a whole. It is an ignorance, if the person involved can be not ready to accept criticism, which often would make him a reality: hence education subsequently is worthless, if it is just for the sake of purchasing it, and never living the essence of computer.

From the diverse meaning of education, we can now tell to ourself if the education we have...