Geog 101

 Geog information Essay

Emily McCullough

Exercise 11

Section 2

" The storyline of Products: A System in Crisis”

Our world can be slowly staying filled with poisons that are not just harming us, but will as well harm our kids and more generations to follow. Inside the " Story of Stuff” videos Annie Leonard discloses so many hidden factors we as individuals are unaware of. It titled " The Story of Stuff” clarifies to all of us the linear sequence program that we are applying, how much we could hurting our planet and how we could fix it. There are numerous other video tutorials that this firm has posted, but the two that I chose to learn more about had been " The storyplot of Cosmetics” and " The Story of Bottled Water”. Both of these movies show us issues that I, personally, was unaware of and I'm certain many other People in the usa are too. In " The storyplot of Stuff” video lets us know that we make use of a linear system: extraction, development, distribution, ingestion, then eliminate. Companies that produce each of our goods imagine there is no limit in extraction and production, nevertheless the Earth has a limit. People in the usa make up five per cent of the planets population but we are employing 30% in the worlds all-natural resources. Before three decades we now have consumed one third of our natural resources. If we continue to use methods at this speed we uses up everything that we have and stay left with absolutely nothing. Another thing I used to be surprised to find out was how much it really expense to make a merchandise. It takes more cash to produce a merchandise under $5 than anyone is making again. It expense to produce the item in the manufacturer, pay the expense of labor, ship the product to the store, then your cost of staying on the shelf. Each of our economy is definitely losing money with this system. Even as we get the item soon enough people quickly certainly be a new, nicer, more modern edition of the item that we " must have” so therefore the first item becomes rubbish. 99% of the stuff turns into garbage in six months. The price tag on these products is much more than cash, during the production stage a large number of toxins are released via...

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