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Glossary of Terms

Bench: Expression used to describe the state of an employee the moment he/she can be not at present working on task management. The period when an employee is usually on Counter is filled with non permanent assignments and Trainings. Friend: An individual recognized in the organization, usually in the same staff and the same level, yet has spent a considerable amount of time in the organization to steer an new employee when it comes to work tips, networking and many others GFT: Green Field Schooling, a expression used to describe the training period all FRESH participants have to go by which gives them a practical experience in all required Domain names ASE: Associate Software Engineer (Entry Level)

PIP: Functionality Improvement Strategy, a set of organized activities set during a shut down timeframe to further improve the overall performance of an employee who has lead with low ratings.

Personality Reference

Rajiv Mehta: the protagonist, a graduate in the first work Anupam Mahalingam: A tenured employee for a relief level, Rajiv's Boss Suhana Reddy: 12 months old employee at UPSC, assigned with out her permission as Good friend to Rajiv Veena Kumar: HR representative of ASEs in Bangalore Site.

Timeline Glimpses

twenty fifth July'11 – Rajiv glances at the crisp new offer letter in his hand. His joining time at UPSC would be 1st Aug'12. Almost all his friends and well-wishers are optimistic that he previously cleared each of the rounds. Concerning Rajiv he cannot wait for an first working day of the rest of his life to start. It had been a new period, he wanted to make sure he'd work as hard as he may and generate his Father proud. Rajiv curiously magic what his Boss and colleagues will be like. This individual has just heard about the corporate life and wanted to experience it firsthand. Also simultaneously he is thrilled that in a little more compared to a month he will finally have his own spending money. He can thus looking forward to the new part of his life.

27th Feb'12 - Rajiv looked at the previous dregs from the left-over cafe tea in the cup because his thoughts focused on what everything got come a crash down to. Photos flashed through his mind. His initial job, his dream business, his pleased parents and now, everything was just one stage away from staying all over. He had already constructed the mail, term by phrase, in his mind. One more drink and he'd take the elevator down to his work these types of, type the mail and give it to his director marking his HR Representative. He contemplated the repurcussions. He was resigning without a support plan. His parents did not know about this kind of decision yet. He was anxious and unsure. But some thing at the core of his being taught him he was moving in the right direction. This kind of gave him strength.

Personal Profile (Protagonist Background and Upbringing)

Rajiv Mehta is a youthful, highly comfortable, ambitious person albeit slightly brash and hasty. He has been lifted in a close knit upper middle class family by which he is an only kid. A colleague reports he has function related discussions with his father, almost daily. He attended Catholic school and has been an enthusiastic basketball gamer during his entire institution life. He is disciplined and intensely competitive. This individual came into his current work as an Assistant Computer software Engineer at UPSC having a number of uncompromising expectations. He previously come through his entire educational upbringing knowing and showing time and again that he was a cut that beats all others in terms of scholars and extra-curricular activities. He knew he wanted to maintain a job that provided him clear slice roles, tough work, admiration and chance for growth. He was a fresher in every perception of the term with 1 summer internships in his cat. He was somebody who knew himself deserving of a Fast-tracked job.

Company and Industry History.

United Prudential Services Organization Ltd (UPSC) is an existing player inside the IT sector. It is a Fantasy Company in whose reputation appeals to young THAT graduates each year. Youngsters go in since...