JFK Research Article

 JFK Research Essay

Stefanos Lazaridis

Teacher Weatherup

English 102

November 16, 2013


Recognized around the world intended for his command qualities, charming speeches, and anti racist views, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a hubby, father, and beloved thirty fifth president of the United States. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May, twenty ninth 1917, into a mother who was a philanthropist and a father who had been a rich business guy. Kennedy had a privileged existence and attended a variety of high level schools before attending the exclusive Choate School in Wallingford, Connecticut for his high school years (JFK Library). Kennedy's contact with these education institutions dictated his early adulthood decision of getting started with the military after graduating from college and ultimately paved the way for his presidency. Kennedy's leadership features were a result of this great privilege and connect, but it was Kennedy's army experience that provided the integrity had to become a much loved U. H. president. Furthermore, Kennedy kept the Choate high school having a diploma and was later admitted in to Harvard University in 1935 after spending six weeks at Princeton University (Shmoop). Kennedy was regarded as a highly rounded college student at Harvard and regularly praised intended for his careful work ethic great entertaining school radio individuality show. Furthermore to succeeding at Harvard, Kennedy went on m virtually any trips within a brief period from 1937 to 1939 that still left him wind-surfing to Portugal to work with his brother Paul and their daddy (Biography Channel). Alternatively Kennedy took a tour of Europe and later the Middle East to follow his mature thesis. Kennedy's ability to travel the world benefited him like a world leader inside the years to come. Seeing that Kennedy can be privileged, Kennedy embraced varied cultures, and even more importantly his ability to appreciate people and the life have difficulty. Kennedy afterwards began to display far more interest in politics philosophy during his younger year for Harvard, and obtained a bachelor level in technology after having a successful thesis in 1940 that ultimately became a best seller for the American general public (Biography Channel).

In spite of Kennedy's health problems and frequent back concerns he still managed to offer effort to sign up the army after graduating from Stanford University's business college. It is said that Kennedy was missing heavily in muscle and preformed inadequately in almost every sport he played, this led Kennedy to trail in the older brother Paul Kennedy's shadow since he was an all legend football gamer. Living in his brother's darkness, Kennedy began to act rebelliously to compensate to get his shortage in athletics performance. Kennedy became notorious for usually having illnesses; in 1934 Kennedy was diagnosed with colitis that ultimately left him hospitalized (FK Timeline). Kennedy decided to enroll into the Navy since having been denied entrance to the Military due to his faulty again condition. Kennedy was a happy individual who was brave enough to join the military when he did not have to, " I can imagine no longer rewarding a job. And virtually any man whom may be asked in this century what he did to make his lifestyle worthwhile, I do believe can respond with a good offer of pride and satisfaction: 'I dished up in the United States Navy (Inaugural Address). '" Kennedy military services began coming from 1941 to 1945, and through these types of years, Kennedy would convince his peers that leadership and sincerity go a long way (JFK Library). When enrolled Kennedy took a situation as a great ensign offering in the office from the secretary with the navy and he as well attended the Naval Book of the Officer Training Corps (JFK Libarry). In addition to Kennedy's tenacity and highly valued work, having been later offered to lieutenant after this individual completed his call of duty in Panama plus the Pacific Movie theater. In early September of 1943, Kennedy is at charge of your PT 162 naval torpedo boat with over a hundred or so men working the ship, along with two neighboring vessels; the military is where Kennedy...

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