Essay in KidsHealth

KidsHealth. org: An evaluation

Jessica FM Fugate

Chamberlain College of Nursing

KidsHealth. org: An assessment

In today's electronics-heavy society, it truly is easy for a researcher, if the healthcare professional or possibly a concerned parent or guardian, to become bombarded with information about health that may could be legitimate. It is important, therefore , to review the resources that are discovered to determine their very own validity. The web page chosen since the subject of this kind of paper can be KidsHealth. org. KidsHealth is actually a nonprofit resource for parents, children, teens, and primary school teachers, with thousands of articles, fun games, and age-appropriate materials to further knowledge of children's overall health, from prenatal to adulthood (KidsHealth, 2013). It is manufactured by the Nemours Foundation, the industry nonprofit kids health corporation centered in Jacksonville, Fl, with several regional office buildings across the Usa. They provide informational resources, and also physician recommendations and social service consults, including information concerning pet therapy and many other " alternative medicine” choices for children. The web site was located using Yahoo, through a very basic search for ". org overall health sites”, and is found at The site was chosen for its relevancy to the researcher's passions and its devotedness to the requirements of this project. The website delivers age-appropriate and education-level ideal resources for people and specialists. Five Criteria for Examination of World wide web Sources

Assessing a website intended for validity includes five methods: " authority, information, objectivity, ease of nav, and personal privacy and protection policies” (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2014). On examining the quality of KidsHealth, the results are as follows. Power: the site is produced by the Nemours Groundwork, a non-profit organization that gives education and resources for people, healthcare professionals, and teachers of children. The building blocks itself offers partnered with numerous children's hospitals throughout the United States to bring forward the info in the KidsHealth site, and with organizations such as Usa Way, Aetna, United Healthcare, Merck, Lilly, and the American Academy of Family Doctors, across many spectrums of healthcare and medicine. Info: The information presented in the web page is tailored to the viewers. On arriving at, the viewer need to choose in the event he/she can be described as parent, a young child, a teen or perhaps an educator. The specialized site then displays the information within a manner more readily understood or used by that specific person. The information is unbiased, since it is relevant to every children in the us, no matter their race, era, or history. Objectivity: KidsHealth is created by the Nemours Foundation, as previously mentioned. The inspiration is nonprofit and is joined with several agencies throughout the spectrum of healthcare and medicine, most of which one would expect to be in competition together; therefore , there is not any determinable opinion, because whether it was promoting one firm over one other, the others may not be therefore amenable into a partnership. Easy navigation: The website is very easy to navigate, with distinctly marked tabs and links for information, varying by age level and audience. Privacy and security procedures: The KidsHealth website requires no identifying information from your user; therefore , the website may have little to no details to distribute to third get-togethers. Evaluation and Professional Make use of Websites by simply Nurses

Websites can be a superb resource for nurses, whether for their own details or distributing information in front of large audiences. It is important to judge their quality as a origin before referring to it in front of large audiences, so as to not unwittingly mislead someone. In respect to Ward and Leach (2012), information should be clearly mentioned with...

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