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WebQuest: Mesoamerican History 60 points

The history of Mesoamerica is broken into different times beginning with the Olmec period. Directions: Adhere to each of the links below to answer the following questions. Submit your completed WebQuest worksheet to the Webquest: Mesoamerican History task link for grading.

The subsequent links takes to info on Mesoamerican culture. You may also make use of a search engine to locate other backlinks to help you solution the questions. Familiarize yourself with the questions just before clicking on backlinks.

Links: (If clicking the link does not take you to the internet site, cut and paste the URL right into a new browser window. )

Timeline/General Info


Typical Maya

Formative or Preclassic Maya

Postclassic Maya and Modern Day

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1 . List the year every single period began and finished: (8 points)


Formative or Preclassic Maya

Classic Maya

Postclassic Maya

installment payments on your Describe the social structure that developed in the Olmec civilization and just how they depended on each other. (4 points)

a few. Describe the colossal brain that were built by the Olmec and how come they were created. (4 points)

4. The Maya would not unite to create a single combined empire. Independent city-states or kingdoms with common cultural ties produced instead. What cultural factors did these types of city-states reveal? (4 points)

5. Describe the branches...