Poetry Evaluation of Near and Far as well as the Ungrateful Zugezogener: Historical Framework and Effects

 Poetry Analysis of Around and Far as well as the Ungrateful Zuzugler: Historical Framework and Effect Essay


Around And Far

Subject material: A depiction from the poet's thoughts and emotions towards surviving in Australia since an immigrant from China, and how the poet feels as if he is included, and ruled out in contemporary society at the same time Representation of culture: It displays society, specifically in Australia world where multiculturalism is high promoted, but when immigrants do come to settle in Australia, many citizens given birth to in Australia start to see the immigrants since unnecessary, plus it reflects just how that the migrants generally think it is a difficult process to correctly fit into the ‘Australian' lifestyle Poetic Tactics: Similes, meaning, small uses of repition

The Ungrateful Immigrant

Subject Matter: A sociable statement and the views of the poet against a social oppression positioned upon migrants by the basic population's mentality within Sydney Reflection of Society: The poem displays a divide in ethnicities in Australia, and exactly how immigrants truly feel when they have a cultural oppression being forced upon all of them, the composition pertains most powerful to Asian immigrants Graceful Techniques: Rhythm, stress on syllables/Tension


Ouyang Yu is a poet residing in Australia who lives in a Oriental descent. Born in 1955 in Hangzhou, China Yu immigrated to Australia in 1991 to analyze for a Ph. D. Yu Ouyang immigrated to Australia likely because of the large promotion for Australia in Asian countries during that specific period of time Being by an entirely several culture, Yu Ouyang was forced to make many becomes adapt to the culture and lifestyle of Australia. Being a writer, when going through as such adaptations and living life within a new country, his functions ranged from works of fiction to poems, and his poetry were kinds ranging from critique, to observations, to interpersonal statements and private outlets.


Both of the poems were written in similar routines, both were published within the same ten years from 2k to 2010, during this...