wireless technology enhanced campus

 wireless technology enhanced campus Essay

Executive Synopsis

As mobile devices equipped with cellular network,communication and collaboration can be enhanced anywhere. It is the high time that the campus should generate the new say of cutting edge technology in promoting teaching and learning performance, where interaction and collaboration is needed not only among college students but as well between students and instructors. Many advanced SaaS together with the HaaS are introduced in this report. Furthermore, the trip and promotion of how to indicate these systems are demonstrated in the subsequent part. A feedback is also available in a final part to collect the impression and guidance of these innovative technology loved by the information era.

Table of Content

�. Introduction& review

The Wifi Technology Improved Campus (WiTEC) is a technology-supported campus environment built by the integration of mobile devices, wireless communication, and network solutions. It utilizes the notion of ubiquitous computing (Weiser, 1991; 1998; Weiser et approach., 1999) and mainly should enhance interaction and collaborative learning between students and teachers in varying places. In the WiTEC, the engagement and learning efficiency of students in the lectures and seminars get enhanced. It is establishment relies on wireless mobile learning products, wireless LAN, electronic whiteboards, an active classroom server, and Amazon Web Services. Each pupil in the university has a WiTEC client on the mobile devices in which combines various software and has multi-function. This report will expose these software program and hardware which support WiTEC and focus on their very own function in and out from the class. Ⅱ. Proposal for the shows

1 . Software program as a service

1 . you Cloud computing—Amazon Web Services

Amazon online Web Support (AWS) gives IT infrastructure and application in the form of world wide web services. The IT infrastructure of AWS offers 3 web services- Amazon's Straightforward Storage Service (S3), Amazon's Elastic Calculate Cloud (EC2), and Amazon's Simple Queue Service (SQS). They are a whole set of companies that assist students and staffs in running everything in the cloud rather than waiting in the down load lists. Additionally , numerous schools take advantage of these types of services because teaching materials can rapidly spin up hundreds or thousands of services in minutes. All the resources for teaching and learning inside the class like the activities' content material, learning portfolios of college students, and educating records will be uploaded and stored automatically in the cloud. The AWS cloud computer platform enables not only tutors but learners to operate online service with sharing supplies. With the cloud, AWS provides a highly trusted, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform(Garfinkel. S, iRipeanu. M, Palankar. M, 2008 )..

1 . 2 Safe-keeping & Discuss —Amazon's Straightforward Storage Support

Amazon's Straightforward Storage Assistance (Amazon S3) is an internet storage net service that is certainly provided by Amazon online Web Service. Staffs and students happen to be permitted to store and access digital property from Amazon . com S3. Info stored in Amazon's Simple Storage area Service named " objects”, the items are contained in an clearly bucket (Garfinkel. S, 2008). Buckets let users to collect and transmit the items. Its brands are global and each customer is able to make 100 buckets. Through the use of Amazon's Simple Support, the users can easily create, erase, and list the also. Universities are provided a fast overall rate to process info and basically need limited local storage area and a highly management system to employ batch job information to proactively get the things Amazon S3 stored. Instructors upload the teaching activity to the bucket of Amazon online marketplace S3, there after students would use their mobile devices to scan the materials. In addition , students also could publish their records to the container; it is the comfort for students to scan notes whenever or wherever you like. 1 . 3 Group Job Fulfilment —Amazon Simple Line Service

Amazon online marketplace...

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Appendix A – Data collection and presentation

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